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The Board of Veterans of War and Labor of Nizhnekamskneftekhim: Taking Care of Everyone

The Board of Veterans of War and Labor of PJSC Nizhnekamskneftekhim will soon celebrate a Housewarming Party. The organization will move to a New building at the address: Lesnaya street, House 45. Major repairs are underway here. Funds for repairs, the purchase of furniture and office equipment for the Board of War and Labor Veterans of the Company were allocated in honor of the 75th Anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

Currently, the Board of Veterans of the Company registered over 10 500 people. Of these, there are three front-line soldiers, 116 home front workers and three widows of war veterans. The Board of Veterans of Nizhnekamskneftekhim War and Home Workers was established on 2 February 1983. The first members of the public organization were former participants of the Great Patriotic War - 360 people.

Over the years, the public organization was headed by Vasily G. Timyashev, Alexei G. Soskov, Anatoly A. Obsharov. In 1990, Nizhnekamskneftekhim Board of Labor Veterans was founded, headed by Gennady P. Plotnikov. In 2009, Boris Ye. Trifonov was elected a Chairman of the Public Organization. Today, the Board of Veterans is headed by Rashit R. Valiullin.

The public organization serves to be a link between the administration of the Company, the trade union organization of the Company and ex-employees who are on a well-deserved rest, and Nizhnekamsk-neftekhim always provides support for them.

Voluntary health insurance contracts have been concluded for non-working pensioners. The pre-emptive right to get preferential vouchers to sanatoriums and rest houses is provided for participants of the Second World War, warriors-internationalists, Chernobyl victims, participants in hostilities of “hot spots” and home front workers.

In addition to the state pension, the Company veterans also receive a non-state pension, which NKNK pays on a monthly basis from its profits. They are provided with one-time payments for anniversaries and a material assistance system.

Participants of the Great Patriotic War receive special support from the Company. In case of need, they are provided with assistance to repair of the apartment, in delivery of medicines, in solution of domestic issues, the organization of their rest and medical treatment.

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