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Employees of Telecommunication and Communication Department of the Automation Center celebrate their Professional Holiday

Today, May 7, employees of all branches of communication, radio engineering and radio journalism celebrate their professional holiday.

The communication service was introduced at Nizhnekamsk Chemical Plant in 1965. The first Head of Communication service shop No. 31 was Aleksey V. Chernikov, a professional having experience of a military front-line communication officer and work at industrial and power enterprises of the country. The first self-contained automatic exchange (ATS) with 1300 numbers of a step-by-step system at the Chemical plant was put into operation in September 1966.

Along with automatic telephone exchanges, Nizhnekamskneftekhim continuously developed communication and alarm networks for industrial and process purposes. It has always been a priority for the communication workshop to provide process workshops with all types of communication. In the 80s, yet the capacity of automatic telephone exchange was not enough due to a launch of New Production Facilities. In spring 1992, ATS-34, the first 11 km fiber-optic communication line was put into operation in the territory of Tatarstan with a digital compression system for 480 channels between NKNH and the city, under the guidance of V.G. Opanasenko. In addition, in August the same year, the quasielectronic ATSCE “Quant” started operating with a subscriber capacity of 6144 numbers and the status of a regional ATS, which was highly unusual for an industrial enterprise.

In 1992 thru 1995, various modern means of communication were put into operation as follows: a satellite communication station, a Motorola radiotelephone trunk system for 450 subscribers, and a Meridian-1 digital electronic telephone exchange with a capacity of 336 subscriber numbers. The complex simultaneously provided local telephone communication, intercity (international) satellite and radio communication with mobile facilities.

In 2010, SI-3000 digital telephone exchange was introduced having a wide range of multiservice functions (voice, Internet, video).

Now, by efforts of specialists from the Central Telecommunication and Communication Administration, headed by A.Yu. Polyakov, continuous operation of production and process communication is provided, support and maintenance of automatic telephone exchanges and digital stations, line-cable networks and communication facilities, dispatch switches, telephone subscriber equipment, speaker systems, alerts, radio communication and cellular communication of FMC closed group are carried out ".

The first broadcast of a weekly radio newspaper in the history of the Petrochemical Plant was introduced on 12 December 1967. Moreover, it started regularly released in the early 70s. In the 1990s, radio broadcasts started released in the Russian and the Tatar languages. Under the direction of R.R. Samarkina, radio Neftekhim began broadcasting on the wavelength of 105.1 FM on 29 August 1996.

From 1 January 2015, reporters of Neftekhim Media LLC have conducted the NKNH radio chronicle.

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