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Active Phase of Construction and Installation Work is Underway at CCGT-TPP

PJSC Nizhnekamskneftekhim is implementing a project for the construction of a new power plant with a capacity of 495 MW under special conditions. It will produce electric energy for the company's own needs. One of the main factors to construct its own CCPP-TPP is to use Nizhnekamskneftekhim purges as a fuel. These purges include petroleum gas processing products coming from existing ethylene production. Thus, the new power plant will reduce the load on the air atmosphere by burning this gas in specially designed burner devices of gas turbine plants.

At present, construction and installation works are in their active phase, all main buildings are installed, finishing works in production and office premises are started. Large-capacity equipment - two gas turbines and a steam turbine with generators, waste heat boilers are delivered to the site and are practically assembled. The outlines of a future 89 meter cooling tower are emerging; it is being built specifically for the station operation. Everything is carried out exactly according to the established schedule.

At the same time, the work to provide communications for the future facility is underway: a water pipe has been tied in, installation of a gas pipeline, heating and sewage pipelines have been started. Besides, the work continues on the facilities for power distribution scheme (PDS), namely the construction of a new distribution substation DS ”Zharkov” and electric power lines. 

Total 1177 employees of the general contractor company were brought to the construction site. All necessary measures have been taken to prevent the virus spread, meetings are held online via video conferences, access to the construction site is severely restricted. The general contractor worked out all issues related to the supply of equipment.

The station will operate around the clock. Today the staff is being formed, manning will be completed before the end of this year.

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