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45 Years on Guard of Ecology: Wastewater Research Laboratory, R&D Centre Improves Working Methods

The activities of PJSC Nizhnekamskneftekhim involve the use of a large amount of water, which, after use undergoes treatment and disposal. It is the new technologies and methods for water purification that the specialists of the wastewater laboratory of the company's scientific and technological center (STC) are engaged in. Dozens of different physicochemical and biological methods, as well as devices for high-quality water purification, disposal of sewage sludge and gas emissions, have been developed and successfully implemented here.

Today, the priority area of the wastewater laboratory’s work is the treatment of wastewater and associated gas emissions using various microorganisms, whose vital activity is the result of wastes from petrochemical industries. Bacteria, utilizing various harmful substances from chemically contaminated wastewater, have been distinguished because of researches. The purification technologies are developed in detail on the Sartorius laboratory bioreactor and other recently purchased laboratory equipment.

Also, the laboratory performs studies on effluents from structural units of PJSC Nizhnekamskneftekhim, using special techniques and test objects, and issues recommendations on how to neutralize them.

The S &T Centre microbiologists and biotechnologists made a huge contribution to the development of technology and commissioning of biofilters at biological treatment facilities, which helped to improve the air quality in the district. Biofilters are block boxes inhabited by special types of bacteria. These particular microorganisms neutralize unpleasant odors by feeding on volatile hydrocarbons. This technology is one of the best in Europe; gas emission cleaning efficiency reaches 95%.

These days the laboratory celebrates its 45th anniversary. The lab is founded in May 1975 for solving issues related to wastewater treatment. Lyubov Dubrovskaya was the first head of the laboratory. From 1983 to April 2013, Olga Yakusheva headed the laboratory, and then the young goal-oriented scientist Guzel Gilaeva took up the baton. Since 2019, the laboratory is by Valentina Nikolaevna Nikonorova, who has been working here since 1988.

Competence, outsight, responsibility, high professionalism are characteristic features of all laboratory staff, whose work created and is creating the entire experimental part of scientific developments regarding wastewater treatment. The environmental protection service, the water supply, sewerage and wastewater treatment departments, all the plants of PJSC Nizhnekamskneftekhim closely work with the laboratory.

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